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Welcome to Sail Buffalo!

Sail Buffalo Sailing School and Sailing Club offers Buffalo’s only nationally accredited sailing education (ASA), boat share program, unlimited access to sailboats for club members, ongoing educational opportunities, and a place for you in the sailing community. At Sail Buffalo Sailing School our goal is to train people to be safe, confident sailors, and provide on-water access, continuing education, and social networking to our club members.


Click on this link to take the E-course:
Learn to sail on-line for free! Get $50 discount showing completition

Q: Who should take this course?
A: If any one of the following describes you, this course is for you!

- I have never been sailing.
- I’ve been sailing a couple of times as someone’s guest, but I couldn’t tell you the difference between a close tack and a broad reach.
- I’m not interested in taking a sailing class at this time, but I would like to know enough to be helpful on a sailboat.
- I’ve enrolled in a basic sailing class, but I’d like to get a solid head start before my first on-the-water lesson.

After completing this course, you’ll understand how a sailboat works, the common commands used to steer one and some basic sailing terminology. You’ll not only get the most out of your time on the water, but also be able to actively participate in the magic of sailing! Present your Certificate of Completion and get a $50 discount when you sign up for a weekend sailing course! (ASA 101)

Q: How long will it take to complete the course?
A: Anywhere from about 30 to 45 minutes.

Q: Do I need any books or other study materials?
A: No, the course is fully self-contained. You can start the course at any time and do some or all of it at a time.

Primary Location : 2 Fuhrmann Blvd, Buffalo NY 14203

We are the “Bunny hill” to once again compare with the ski resort, its ok to make mistakes on our boats, we will teach patiently and create more safe and confident sailors, and in addition they will be ASA certified. Many of your own crew wants access to the lake more than just on racing occasion. Our boat share program offers just that.

Q; What is a floating Eco-Classroom?

A: A space that can accommodate 20 or so kids for a variety of activities on the water. Sailing school, meteorology and science activities, water biology, earth sciences, learn about the value of recycling, environmental conservation etc. But can also be living exhibit space for arts, performances, etc. Cook in the Galley!

Q: How many boats do you have?

A: 2013; We have 6 keel boats: 4 x 25 FT. , 1 26 FT, and a 32 FT Paceship each can safely cruise with up to 6 persons, plus instructor, In addition we have smaller dinghies for the Junior Sailing Program.

We also have a 1950 Classic Wooden Yacht, 34 FT, “Clara Brown”, designed by John G Alden. In March 20 2013 “Clara Brown” was included into the National Registry of Historic Properties, We are extremely proud of this boat, which with its sleek lines can be seen cruising along Buffalo’s shorelines on a weekly basis.

A true Buffalo Goodwill Ambassador!

Initially we thought her best docking space would be close to the original Dug’s Dive inside the Commercial Wharf, because of her name; Clara Brown (was a freed slave) and because Dug’s Dive was part of Buffalo’s Underground Railroad, and also because the Historic Wharf was said to have ambition of being authentic.

Now we believe such a prominent and authentic vessel deserves her own designated space, where some historic facts about her and the world famous Naval Architect who designed her can be displayed.

Q: How many persons can you accommodate in a group?

A: Up to 40-50, depending on activities and number of chaperons/instructors.

Q: Will you organize a Nautical Day Camp, a Junior Sailing Program for youth in 2014 as well? Yes. during 2014 we will continue what was started 2012

A: It starts June 24, weekly, see link-tab above

Our newsletter will bring to you local sailing news, information about our School and some nautical trivia.